The premium white and clear static cling used at is unbeatable. With proper surface preparation, application and handling, our static cling products are track-tested to perform at maximum speeds. For the ultimate in flexibility and re-usage, permanent adhesive vinyl numbers and graphics are mounted to cling panels and ovals in our Classic Styles Collection and Changeable Number Panel Static Cling Kits.

If your vehicle has ceramic or factory coatings and any "detailer" sprays etc., static cling may not adhere well. WE don't know what's on your car, it's up to you!

Each reusable static cling oval or number panel comes on a coated paper backing liner that can be used to store your decals between events. NEVER ROLL YOUR DECALS. Store flat on the liner or purchase styrene or plexi panels at one of the Big Box Stores to keep them pristine.


Our removable decals are made of a low-tack adhesive vinyl that is easily removed and reapplied, and with care, will last a long time.

This material has a stunning finish and is combined with high-gloss graphics on our Resin Printed Historic Logo Decals... just like the original decals that were handed out by legendary companies such as Castrol, Precision Springs, Marchal, STP, Gulf, and others in the ’70s!

Our resin-printing assures that the graphics not only have an impressive glossy finish but are highly scuff and chemical resistant.

Save the special liner for storage. Even though low-tack, the adhesive will adhere to regular paper. It is critical to remove decals in a super-clean environment to avoid getting dust or debris stuck to the adhesive side. NEVER ROLL YOUR DECALS.


Our permanent decals are made from high-performance adhesive 9-year vinyl. They are NOT reusable. We only use the highest quality vinyl material that we have tested extensively.

Permanent vinyl is an option with our durable Resin Printed Decals. We also use it for the numbers mounted to our Classic Styles Collection and Changeable Number Panel Static Cling Kits.

Easy to apply and easy to keep clean, so YOU can focus all of your attention on lowering your lap times!


Our high pole magnetic decals are a good option for lower speed events, trade shows and where frequent removal and re-use is expected.

Permanent vinyl numbers and lettering are mounted on the magnetics for great durability and visibility. We can also mount our durable Resin Printed Decals on magnetics. 

Sad that it needs saying: Make sure all intended surfaces are steel, as magnetics will not adhere to PLASTICS, FIBERGLASS, etc.

STORE MAGNETICS FLAT! DO NOT ROLL. Use a handy appliance — like your fridge or clothes dryer!