Classic Styles Ovals or Circles with Vinyl Race Numbers

From the pages of motorsport history

  • Choose from 3 white decal materials
  • Select your font style and number color
  • Add a 3rd decal with matching number -- best value!
  • Optional Class decals available
  • FREE Priority Shipping* on all US Orders over $99!

Click thumbnails to enlarge detail sample images:

Available fonts and colors:

Our original premium race decals are custom cut from high-performance 9-year vinyl and hand-laminated to your choice of white material — static cling, low-tack adhesive or permanent adhesive. 3-digits are fitted to ovals; 2-digit numbers are applied to a classic 'meatball' white circle. Each style is designed to evoke the spirit of classic-era racing at Le Mans and other famous venues.

  • Static Cling: Our specially-formulated white cling material is high-gloss, rugged and reusable, delivering maximum performance at speed — can be used over and over.
  • Low-tack adhesive vinyl: thick, easy to remove and can be re-used
  • Permanent Adhesive Vinyl: The BEST glossy 9-Year material available (not removable)

See our Decal Materials page for more info on materials.

Measurements / Fit Check:
Font Styles 8" Numbers 9" Numbers 10" Numbers
Le Mans Classic Oval 13" x 20"
Circle 13.5" diam.
Oval 14.6" x 22.5"
Circle 15.2" diam.
Oval 16.25" x 25"
Circle 16.9" diam.
Spa/Squadron Oval 14" x 22"
Circle 14" diam.
Oval 15.75" x 24.75"
Circle 15.75" diam.
Oval 17.5" x 27.5"
Circle 17.5" diam.

Classic Styles 2-Decal Set
starting at $38.95

Select a 3 DIGIT NUMBER for OVALS;

Optional Pair of Class Decals $24.95

Radius corner panels with 4" numbers/letters on 5 materials, and 10 colors (view chart)

class designation decal