BOSS 302 Magnetic Replica Decal Set 

High Performance Historic Racing Graphics

Each decal kit includes: 2 Door Circles and 1 Hood Circle with your choice of 1- or 2-digit number.
PLUS a full set of historic recreations
as shown above for both sides of the car,
including the Parnelli Jones Logo and Ford Script in Oval pictured in the gallery below —
A total of 21 vintage reproduction logos with matching numbers!

Includes FREE Priority Shipping on all US Orders over $70!

(DOES NOT INCLUDE the BOSS Hockey Stick/Hood Striping)

  • Door and hood numbers are custom crafted from Permanent Vinyl: The BEST glossy 9-Year material available,
    mounted on magnetic material
    • Premium “High Pole Count”, flexible, easy to use and re-use

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Font Style: Door & Hood Circles are styled in our Boss 302 font, which recreates in spirit the original lettering used in the SCCA Trans-Am Series. Each decal features the correct red outline around the numbers and black trim ring around outer edge of the circle.

Measurements / Fit Check: Door circles are available 15"/16"/17"; Hood circles 11"/12"/13"/14". Please measure your car to confirm which size will best fit. Have Fun!

• The original PJ Boss 302 car had 17” door circles and a 14” hood circle.
• “Factory” Boss stripes are wider than the Bud Moore version and require smaller circles.


Boss 302 Historic Sponsor Reproduction Resin Printed 21-Logo Set on Magnetic Material — $223.95
DOES NOT include the door/hood number circles.

Boss 302 Historic Magnetic Number Decals Set — $94.95

DOES NOT include the sponsor logos.

Boss 302 Magnetic Replica Vintage Decal Kit with Door/Hood Numbers and Resin Printed 21-Logo Set on Magnetic — $299.95

Be sure to SELECT 1 or 2 DIGITS!