BOSS 302 Magnetic Replica Decal Set 

High Performance Historic Racing Graphics

Each decal kit includes: 2 Door Circles and 1 Hood Circle with your choice of 1- or 2-digit number.
PLUS a full set of historic recreations
as shown above for both sides of the car,
including the Parnelli Jones Logo and Ford Script in Oval pictured in the gallery below —
A total of 21 vintage reproduction logos with matching numbers!

Includes FREE Priority Mail Shipping on all US Orders over $99!

(DOES NOT INCLUDE the BOSS Hockey Stick/Hood Striping)

  • Door and hood numbers are custom crafted from Permanent Vinyl: The BEST glossy 9-Year material available,
    mounted on magnetic material
    • Premium “High Pole Count”, flexible, easy to use and re-use

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See our Decal Materials page for more info on magnetics. Make sure all intended surfaces are steel, as magnetics will not adhere to PLASTICS, FIBERGLASS, etc.

Click thumbnails to enlarge detail images:

Font Style: Door & Hood Circles are styled in our Boss 302 font, which recreates in spirit the original lettering used in the SCCA Trans-Am Series. Each decal features the correct red outline around the numbers and a black trim ring around the outer edge of the circle.

Measurements / Fit Check: Door circles are available 15"/16"/17"; Hood circles 11"/12"/13"/14". Please measure your car to confirm which size will best fit. Have Fun!

• The original PJ Boss 302 car had 17” door circles and a 14” hood circle.
• “Factory” Boss stripes are wider than the Bud Moore version and require smaller circles.


Boss 302 Historic Sponsor Reproduction Resin Printed 21-Logo Set on Magnetic Material — $280
DOES NOT include the door/hood number circles.

Boss 302 Historic Magnetic Number Decals Set — $119

DOES NOT include the sponsor logos.

Boss 302 Magnetic Replica Vintage Decal Kit with Door/Hood Numbers and Resin Printed 21-Logo Set on Magnetic — $375

Be sure to SELECT 1 or 2 DIGITS!